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Galla, Arjean, Beau & Dennie

posted Jul 3, 2013, 5:35 AM by Deed Vlatka   [ updated Sep 4, 2013, 12:33 PM ]
Galla, Arjean, Beau & Dennie arrived in Geneva region on 12 August 2013. Our dear friends in SPA Arthaz gave them temporary home and found the loving families. All four are adopted!!! Dennie's owners contacted us, we hope other will too.

Galla, Arjean, Dennie & Beau

If dogs kept their diaries this is what you would probably read:

From diary of little Galla

Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Where are we??? Why is it so dark all of sudden? I am scared. Thank God my brothers Arjean, Beau and Dennie are with me. We are all the same size but they are my big brothers - they treat me as a little princess, they always let me eat first, they let me sleep closer to the mu, if our owner is in bad mood they hide me … Beau thinks our mum is playing “Hide and Seek” with us. Dennie said we should be very very quite and to give our mum a hard time. Dennie, he is always mischievous one... OK we’ll be quite. I think I am falling asleep...


What is this awful noise? And the smell? Ouhh our hiding place is moving... Ahh it is opening.. We are thrown out of the card box like yesterday’s garbage... Ouhh my back hurts... I am a bit dizzy but I recognize our owner who is moving away fast, up the hill. “Wait, wait for us!”. Why is he going away? And where is our mum? I see that my brothers are as confused and scared as I am. Where are we? It looks like garbage dump... Yes it is garbage dump. It smells horrible.. And what is that noise? “Mommy!!! Mommy where are you?”


We do not dare to move but we are getting very hungry... My brother are trying to be brave but I can’t stop crying... I need my mum! I need her to feed me, to hug me, to protect me from bad things...


We had to move, the place where we were left in now flooded with dirty water. It is so dirty and smells so bad that we did not even try to drink. And our throats are burning from thirst.. We found a patch of grass in a bush and we are hiding here. Oh I see a girl coming towards us, we better hide deeper...


Funny, the girl left us food and water. I do not understand... I can’t understand people... Our owner, who should love us and care for us throw us away and this girl who didn’t even see us properly she left us food and water?!?! It is the first time for us to eat food we were breastfeeding until this morning. Well it smells nice and it is not as good as mum’s milk but it fills the tummy. My wonderful brothers left me the biggest part. I love them so much.


It is getting dark... The nice girl came once again to bring us food and water, this time we came out a bit, I saw her taking a photo... I like her. I hope she comes again.. Do I dare to hope she would take us? I miss my mum... Ohh it is so scary I better hide among my brothers.. They tell me not to cry all will be OK. How??? I miss my mum...