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Lilou & Lola

posted Jul 3, 2013, 4:00 AM by Deed Vlatka   [ updated Jun 9, 2014, 7:55 AM ]
We received an e-mail from Lilou (9 June 2014)

Bonjour Mne Vlatka Toukalek, 
Grâce à vôtre association, j'ai pu être adopté le 01/09/2013 ( j'étais au Refuge de l'espoir Arthaz (France).)
Je suis dans une famille de quatre enfants et je vis en campagne.
J'ai une vie de rêve, je suis dorloté, câliné, j'ai des bisous à plus savoir quand faire.
Au grand désespoir de mes maîtres, j'ai peur de tout, et j'ai constamment besoin d'être rassuré.  
Comme vous pouvez le voir sur les photos, je suis loin d'être malheureuse.

Cordialement, Lilou.  :)

Happy Lilou

Lilou & Lola arrived in Geneva region on 12 August 2013. Our dear friends in SPA Arthaz gave them temporary home and found the loving families. Both are adopted!!! We hope their owners will contact us soon. (updated 4 September 2013)

Lilou & Lola

Lilou & Lola, two adorable 4 months old females, were left in the middle of nowhere outside Sarajevo. We do not know how log they were in woods but they were living skeletons, just skin and bones, when they followed hikers back to Radica Potok. Yes, that dangerous place where hunters go out to kill dogs on Sundays... When our volunteers were called in they could not believe the condition two poor girls were in... We mobilized, found sponsors for funds to place them in the foster family and their medical care. Poor things were heavily infested by parasites. Now, they are in much much better condition, just look at their happy faces...