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posted Apr 15, 2013, 10:05 PM by Deed Vlatka   [ updated Jun 24, 2013, 11:18 PM ]

Micky ‎‎(aka Miki)‎‎

You already know Micky (aka Miki), 10 months old mix of labrador, who was abandoned with his mum and 4 sisters just after he was born. You can read their story here. With help of good people from SPA d’Arthaz, we repatriated them in France in October 2012. All 4 Micky’s sisters were quickly adopted and we hear from their owners how happy they are.

But Micky, who was scared the most from the beginning, is still in SPA d’Arthaz. He is still very scared of people and we believe this is what puts potential owners off.

Mickey is great with other dogs and, ideally, would be perfect for a household that already has one or more dogs. He needs patient loving owner who would help him regain trust in people and live happy life as his sisters do.
If you adopt Mickey, members of “Cupko-Deed for Dogs” will help you all the way with educational techniques (such as Tellington Touch), homeopathic treatment and we are willing to pay for private sessions with comportamentalist. We have a lot of experience and success with dogs that were even more traumatized (i.e. Zuco).

If you are willing to give Micky a chance, or know somebody who would, please call SPA d’Arthaz (
284 route de la basse arve 74380 Arthaz pont notre Dame Téléphone : (33) 04 50 36 02 80) and ask for Micky (Chien45 (22985)) or contact us at

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