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posted Mar 29, 2012, 10:52 AM by Vlatka Toukalek   [ updated Jun 24, 2013, 11:44 PM by Deed Vlatka ]


After he spent just a month at SPA Gex 

His name is Pudo and he is almost two years old. When he was a 3 months old baby, he was hit by a car and was discovered scared and hurt in a street in Sarajevo by good people of Av Mau. They took him to the vet and found a temporary home during recovery. They could not find a family to adopt Pudo (there are hundreds of street dogs in Sarajevo), so they built him a little house in the park. He lives there ever since, good people in the neighbourhood feed him and take him into their homes when it is very cold. But he is still exposed to any cruelty that may come his way (unfortunately he is in the same neighbourhood where the monster who pured boiling oil on Zuco lives). In Sarajevo there is no institution that can protect dogs, there are no shelters …

Pudo is looking for a loving home, he loves to play and be around people, he is lovable, obeying and house trained. All his vaccinations are up to date and he is in good health.

Pudo a presque 2 ans. Quand il avait 3 mois, il a été renversé par une voiture et les étudiants d'Av-Mau à Sarajevo l'ont sauvé. Ils lui ont trouvé une famille d'accueil mais pas d'adoptant car il y a tellement de chiens abandonnés à Sarajevo! Ils lui ont construit une petite cabane dans un parc et il vit ici. Les gens lui apportent de la nourriture et le prennent parfois dans leur maison quand il fait froid. Malheureusement, il est dans le même quartier où un monstre a arrosé Zuco d'huile bouillante...! Il est exposé à toutes les cruautés......

Il adore jouer et être avec les gens, il est adorable, obéissant et propre. Il a tous ses vaccins et il est en bonne santé.