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posted Oct 13, 2012, 3:23 AM by Vlatka Toukalek   [ updated Jun 24, 2013, 11:44 PM by Deed Vlatka ]
Tina arrived in Geneva area early morning on 15 October 2012, thanks to generosity of our friends in SPA Gex who gave her a temporary home 
Grâce à la générosité de nos amis SPA Gex qui lui a donné un foyer temporaire, Tina est arrivé dans la région de Genève le 15 octobre 2012 


My name is Tina. Just before Christmas 2011 I had babies. Oh, I was the happiest mum in the Universe. Olthough I was still a kid myself I enjoyed being mum, feeding my babies, playing with them and, well have to admit, bossing them around a bit J. One cold night in February 2012 my owner took me to a car. I was a bit worried to leave my babies alone but in the same time happy that I was going to gofor an other walk with my owner. We were driving around the city, areas I've never been before... The car stopped, my owner put a cardboard box on the snow and put me in it. I was confused but thought it was a new game. But then the owner went back in the car and left. I tried to run after the car but it was -15 C, a lot of snow  and I could not keep up.... My heart was racing, I was scared to death and could not stop crying for my babies. What would they do without me? Did they take them some other place? Are they alive? All the happines I experienced melted into an ocean of sadness...

I was a house dog since I was born and living on the street, with snow and cold was something I did not know how to deal with. I did not know how to find the food or water... And my heart was broken. I gave up and was waiting for the death...

One frozem morning a Elma and her brother found me and took me under their wing. They built me a small house, they fed me and they protected me. When temperatures dropped further they took me in their home and found me a place in a pension while they looked for someone to adopt me. And they did! Elma's neighbour took me in her home and opened her heart for me. Slowly I was getting better and joy returned to my life. I was and am still hurting for my babies but I learned to be happy again. Few weeks ago, when I thought my life was happy fair tale, my new owner got illand she can't keep me anymore... So I am looking for a new home again hoping I will have better luck this time..